Sur le web : Family of man killed trying to stop car theft seeks ‘justice for Sal’ and calls on police to solve case

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Le titre séduisant (Family of man killed trying to stop car theft seeks ‘justice for Sal’ and calls on police to solve case) parle de lui-même.

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Marcelina Herrera grabbed a bullhorn Sunday afternoon, urging a crowd of dozens to chant “justice for Sal” loud enough so he could hear them all the way in heaven as they marched through the Near West Side.

“My brother was the most selfless, caring, happy person that anyone could meet,” she said. “When I was 6 years old my father died and him, being a child himself, decided to raise me as his own — take on the role of a father and brother at the same time.”

Salvador Herrera, known as Sal, was killed Oct. 15 when he tried to stop a group from stealing an unoccupied car in the 700 block of South Loomis Street. He was shot in the back and found in a vehicle by an officer on patrol. A month later, his family is calling on the Chicago Police Department to solve the case and for anyone with information or video footage to come forward.

About 50 people marched a mile from the spot where he was killed to his home in Pilsen, carrying signs with the 42-year-old bartender’s picture and chanting that he won’t be another crime statistic. The walk began at 12:30 p.m., marking the time when his family said Chicago police informed them of his death.

“We have decided to hold this walk to finish my brother’s path back home, and we have called all his friends, all his family, both communities to help us do just that,” Marcelina Herrera, 34, said.

Chicago police said Sunday that they’re still investigating the case. No suspects are in custody. A witness told police that four men fled the scene after shooting toward a vehicle.

Ald. Bill Conway, 34th, called Salvador Herrera a “wonderful member of our community,” saying his death was a tragedy. Conway’s ward includes the location where Herrera was killed.

“I think the police are doing everything they can, but certainly I’ve expressed my personal interest in the case to the detectives involved and I think they’re doing everything they can to find who’s responsible,” Conway said. “I’ve also reached out to (University of Illinois at Chicago) police to see if they can be helpful.”

Marcelina Herrera and her sister, Remedios, started the campaign Justice for Sal to continue to raise awareness for the case. They hung posters throughout the neighborhood and wrote a letter to Chicago police Superintendent Larry Snelling.

Remedios Herrera, 39, said her family and community deserve to mourn her brother properly. She said her brother, often called “the happy gentleman of 17th Street,” was a sports fanatic and health enthusiast who took her to her first White Sox game.

“His memory should stay alive,” she said. “He was a happy person that touched many people.”


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